Approval and Favour

- Certainly!

- Sure!
-That's true.

- A good idea.

- Good for you.
-Well done!

O-2. Read and inact the mini-dialogues. Pay due attention to the intonation.

1.-Alice, how do you find my/room?

- Г rather like it. But in my opinion it's too small.

2. - The house looks quite comfortable!

- Oh, I am afraid not. The place is a bit gloomy.

3. - John, we need one or two pieces of furniture for the kitchen.

- A good idea!

4. -1 arn moving into a new flat.

- Oh, so good for you.

Example: sofa, very comfortable

I think the sofa is very comfortable.

1. cottage, in the country; 2. house, central heating; 3. flat, rather sunny; 4. kitchen, modern services

O-4. Disagree tactfully.

1. There is too much furniture in the kitchen. 2. The room seems gloomy. 3. There are nine storcycs in the house. 4. Let's place the armchairs in the right-hand corner. 5. It's not good to live on the ground floor.

O-5. Express approval or favour.

Example: The hotel you are staying (not far from the centre).

The hotel you are staying is not faf from the centre. Certainly, it's a good place!

1. the sofa you enjoy (very comfortable); 2. the carpet on the floor (keeps it warm); 3. the room of your own (light and cosy); 4. the liv-ing-ro6m is lovely (furnished with taste) 174

O-6. Fill in and inacL Use the appropriate conversational technique.

1. - They say you're moving?

2. - So, I'm coming at 12.
3.-Is that better?

4. - At last! We're moving!

5.-Just imagine: all modern conveniences, a telephone!

6. - Does she like her room-mates, I wonder?

7. - Is it in the very centre?

8. - She's pleased with her life at the hostel, isn't she?

O-7. Develop this skill in further speech activity. Florence and Sally are dis­cussing their accommodation. Read and memorize.

Sally: Are you really going to move away from the hostel, Florence?

Florence: I sure am. I can't get used to living there.

S.: What's wrong? I thought you were quite friendly with your room­mates.

P.: True, they are nice girls. We have coffee together or see a film but ... we're very different, you know.

S.: What is it, I wonder?

F.: Well, the main thing for me is studies but they... they sleep or amuse themselves days and work nights. I can't work nights. Besides, there's music and people around all the time. And ... and we aren't real friends, of course. In fact we don't feel close. You know what I mean?

S.: Why, yeah. Friendship is something for a long, long time when you're really close and can count on the person. And they're a little superficial, I guess?

F.: Umm, that's it. And... and I must have good work conditions, after


S.: So, what are you going to do?

F.: I'd like to rent a room. Do you have any idea how to find one? S.: Oh, it's very hard now and expensive, I think. What's your price

limit, I wonder? F.: Not higher than $ 7. S.: Try to find someone to share with. May be it'll cut your costs.

Well, any time I hear of anything I'll let you know right away. F.: Thank you in advance. 5.: Well, do you know what? Look in the local paper for a start.

Florence 1. - Is that 527-33-65? - It's 527-33-65, isn't it? -1 guess, it's 527-33-65? -Is 527-33-65 on the line? 2. -1 understand you have a room to let. - Sorry, have you got a room to let? -1 heard you have a room to let. Is that true? -As far as I know you have a room to let. 3. - How much is the rent?

F.: That's not a bad idea. Here is today's paper. Oh, there are a few advertisements, here is one: West Perivale. Suit two girls sharing. One reception, bedroom (2 beds), bathroom, kitchenette. Telephone 527-33-65.

S.: Let's go and ring up quickly.

- Hallo! Is that 527-33-65?

- Yes.

-1 understand you have a room to let. -That's right.

- How much is the rent, please?

- 7 guineas a week, payable weekly in advance. Light and heat are

- When can I have a look at the flat?

- Tomorrow. Say about 12.
-All right.

- So, I'm expecting you. Thank you.

- Oh, my, I forgot to ask the landlady's name and address!

- Well, go on, ring again!

it'll cut your costs обойдется дешев­ле right away сразу in advance заранее, вперед for a start сначала suit two girls sharing подойдет двух девушек kitchenette кухонька you have a room to let у вас сдает­ся комната payable weekly in advance понедель­ная оплата вперед light and heat are extra свет и отоп­ление за дополнительную плату oh my Господи! well, go on ну, давай